Vision Towards Peace LLC began years ago with a quest for generational wellness when founder Erica Upshaw-Givner took her first Social Work class at the Community College of Allegheny County. Her commitment to combat the stereotypical stigma attached to African American’s seeking mental health wellness has remained undeterred. Her goal has always been to serve the community in which she was raised.

In 2013, Vision Towards Peace LLC accounted for more than $24,000 of free mental health services.

We work hard to provide a culturally sensitive atmosphere while encouraging healthy dialogue and overall healing. We are unable to meet the needs of our clients alone. Without partnering agencies to fulfill unmet needs, we all fall short. 

our mission

To provide generational wellness one person at a time.


To live in a community where people can take care of themselves, their children while having a productive and meaningful life with a peace of mind, independence and strength.

When I’m with Erica, I feel at peace. My thoughts flow freely and openly.
— J. E.
She is good.
— D.F.
The services that you offer are excellent. I always feel safe sharing intimate parts of my life’s journey. Thank you.
— L.D.
Ms. Erica helped me understand the woman I am, even when it hurts to listen. She is wonderful. Thanks.
— T.L.
I believe you have helped me to see my trials and many excuses. I realize what I need to focus on and letting go what’s unimportant. I can focus on what’s in my thoughts and heart to make a necessary change. I can use my skills in a positive way. I hope we stay as is for as long as I need you or longer if God permits. Thank you.
— S.H.